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The 2002-2003 Annual Report is available for off-line viewing either as a whole document or sectionally.  

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A full copy of the printed version of the Annual Report is available for download.

Index to annual report (PDF - 64Kb)
Section 1 - Preliminaries (PDF - 65Kb)
  • Letter of transmittal
  • Mission statement
  • Chairmanís review 
  • Chief Executive Officerís report
Section 2 - Organisational overview (PDF - 613Kb)
  • Introduction 
  • Organisational structure 
  • The Australian Sports Foundation 
  • Staffing 
  • Organisational chart 
Section 3 - Corporate governance (PDF - 110Kb)
  • The Board 
  • Legislative reporting requirements 
  • Environment and heritage 
  • Enterprise agreements 
  • Social justice and equity 
  • Disability Action Plan 
  • Occupational health and safety 
  • Indemnities and insurance for officers 
  • Customer Service Charter 
  • Freedom of information 
  • Privacy 
  • Formal reporting requirements under the CAC Act 1997
Section 4 - Performance reports (PDF - 552Kb)  
  • Business operations 
    • Outcome 1 An effective national sports system that offers improved participation in quality
      sports activities by Australians 
    • Outcome 2 Excellence in sports performance by Australians 


Section 5 - Financial accountability (PDF - 86Kb)  
  • Budget 
  • Planning and accountability framework 
  • Internal and external scrutiny 


Section 6 - Appendixes:

Appendix 1: Financial report (PDF - 1.2Mb (full appendix)

Appendix 2: Staffing statistics (PDF - 44Kb) 
Appendix 3: AIS scholarship program performances, 2002-2003
(PDF - 89Kb)  
Appendix 4: Grant allocations to sports, 2002-2003
(PDF - 47Kb) 
Appendix 5:
Report on the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games  (PDF - 63Kb)  
Appendix 6: Summary of compliance
PDF - 35Kb
Appendix 7: AIS program locations
PDF - 39Kb
Appendix 8: Contact officers
PDF - 41Kb
Appendix 9:
Australian Sports Commission Sponsors (PDF - 49Kb

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This is an archive copy of a document originally located at All copyright remains with the creator.

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